Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last minute Turkey Shirt {and my first applique!}

Can I get a Whoop Whoop from all
of my fellow procrastinators out there?!!


Sorry for being a corn-ball.
I am being serious about the procrastination though.
I have a serious problem.

So the fact that I finished this shirt 3 whole DAYS
Thanksgiving is a truly magnificent thing.

Maybe I am changing my ways. ;)

I followed this tutorial to make it.
I am not showing you her finished product because it is
better than mine!

But that is okay because this was my
FIRST applique!

She used her daughter's hand as the pattern in her tutorial too .
(I used mine)
I think it is a WAY cuter idea to use your child's hand,
but I was not up to the extra curves challenges a little
hand would bring.

It only took me an hour.
If you have procrastinated and need to make something
cute for your child to wear tomorrow
then go make this.
NOW!!! :)

~Happy turkey making!

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