Monday, September 19, 2011

Pilows Galore!

Today is a pre-project post. I do still have some older projects to post about, but today I have pillows on my mind! I went to JoAnne's yesterday. I love that store. Between their coupons and my teacher's discount I always end up saving more than I spend. That makes this frugal momma HAPPY! :) Yesterday they were having a sale that was half off all the clearance fabric. What! Let me show you my steals...
I am not sure what I am going to do with the bottom fabric, but it was only two dollars a yard so I could not pass it up! And I think it is really cute. This is what I am thinking for the rest of the fabric. First let me show you the fabric that the color pallet for my house comes from.

This is actually a cloth napkin print from World Market. I fell in love with it and decided to pick the colors of my house from it. But, being the creative loser I tend to be sometimes I have created every throw pillow in my house from this fabric. LAME... So my plan is to spice it up a bit! Here is what I am thinking-

 I am going to make two more throw pillows for my living room couch out of the polka dot fabric. Then I will layer the pillows. My living room is that green/ yellow color of the napkin pillow.
For my family room I was thinking of making a couple of throw pillows in this gray seersucker fabric to go with the napkin pillow. I know that may be a stretch color-wise but my family room is a gray/blue and a more casual room. I bought the seersucker originally to make a summer dress for Zadie next summer. So, I may stick with that plan. We will see :) Here is a great tutorial I found for simple but good looking throw pillow covers that I am planning on following.

Now for the other pillows... I know there are MORE! I warned you. I was thinking of adding this flower
I linked the tutorial above the picture. This is the fabric I am thinking about using.

The Seersucker would look cute too though! Who knows what the finished project will look like. I am planning on getting these done this week so keep checking!  ~happy sewing!

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