Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just for kicks, Window frame

I am going to start my first real post by posting a craft that... hold your breath... is my own idea! Please do not get use to this. It will not happen often. :) This idea came to me when my husband came home with a lot of old window frames. When I say a lot, that is exactly what I mean. He had this wonderful idea, really it was wonderful, to build a greenhouse out of the old windows. But, as many great ideas do, it died. So I was left with bakoodles of old windows. I am not complaining. I do LOVE old windows, but this is where I inherited my amazing frame. I did not have to mess with the existing paint besides scraping a little more off. I love the shabby chic look! The material in the frame were from the centerpieces at my wedding... I am embarrassingly sentimental! The photos are a short timeline of my life with Brent. It starts with an engagement picture, on to the wedding, then maternity, and finally our growing little family. Side note, it is crazy how soon my little family is going to grow! It seems like that engagement picture was taken yesterday... Seriously. Back to topic, I added some little flourishes. The B is a cute whatnot a friend had in her craft room that she was so kind to give up. The word family and the embellishments are scrap booking supplies. This frame took an embarrassingly long time to put together. I have a problem with making things too busy so every time I came out with a finished frame Brent would nix it and I would start again. I am glad he did because I LOVE the finished project! So here it is...
Sorry about the glare :(
And this is the finished wall in my family room.

I hope you like it. I sure do!


  1. Rachel, it's so cute! I love it. It's funny to me that guys actually have an opinion about the interior of a house...that came as a big surprise to me with Daniel :)

  2. This turned out great! I love fancying up old windows! I have one behind my couch too---with some other things around it :) Saw this on the Primp Link up :0


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