Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apple cake mmm... mmm... good!

Hello all my lovely friends! Today is an overcast breezy day in the sunshine state and I love it! These types of days always put me in the mood for drinking coffee, gardening and baking. I was just walking around my yard yesterday when I realized that I have A LOT of garden mums planted. Now I see why. Fall weather makes me want to garden, and I love flower, therefore we have a plethora of mums! Sorry that is off topic, but really one day I am going to show you before and after pictures of our house. The changes to our yard are incredible. Please do not think I am patting myself on the back because I am not. Brent has the major green thumb in the family. My only job is the flowers, oh and picking the veggies he grows. Although pretty soon I have a feeling a sweet little angle is going to steal that job from me!

Okay, now that I have rambled I will get on to the topic at hand, apples. MMMM... I LOVE baking with apples! and Cinnamon! and brown sugar! Oh, I am getting the baking itch just thinking about it! Lucky me, the cake I am sharing today has ALL of those ingredients. I got this idea from pintrest (are you surprised ;) and from the moment I read the recipe I had this cake on my mind. I wanted to bake it immediately and I was getting the ingredients out to do it until I realized I was out of eggs. Of course. It was a sad sad day. Here is a link to the recipe I originally saw

I pretty much followed this recipe, but I did make a few minor changes I wanted to share.

Change one- I used Cinnamon apple sauce, not because of some major baking epiphany. I just wasn't paying attention at the grocery store. The cake did not turn out to cinnamony for me, but I do love Cinnamon!

Change two- I did not use whole wheat pastry flour. I just used regular plain jane whole wheat flour. There were two reasons for that change. the first being that it was what I already had and the second being I am a poor stay at home mom. I have a grocery budget and I use whole wheat flour a lot. Pastry flour would probably sit in my pantry for a long time and that is not in the budget. :) I did research this change before I made it and what I came up with is the pastry flower would have made the cake a little less dense and probably a little more moist. I was pleased with the regular flour.

Change three- I used 4 small fuji apples and I had plenty of chunks in my trunk... I mean cake... sorry about that. ;)

Being the health freak that I am (I wish!) I coated my bunt pan in cinnamon and sugar, AND I made the glaze. I was not trying to give my family diabetes, I swear. The cinnamon and sugar did not make any type of coating for the outside of the cake by themselves, and honestly I cooked the cake a little too long and I was scared it was going to be dry. I had a helper with the glaze though.
She is SO much like her daddy!

The first slice of cake did turn out dry, but this is one of those desserts that just get better with time. By day four it seriously was one of the most delicious morsels I have ever put in my mouth. I think it was the glaze that made it get so much better. So my recommendation is- do not skip the glaze! I ate this cake every morning dipped in coffee, the breakfast of champions, and every night after dinner. I did always share my dinner piece with Zadie though! Even with eating it twice a day it was disappearing like crazy! I had no idea where it was going until I saw the slices Brent was taking to work every night. They were 5 inches thick. Seriously! So I would call that a husband success! Try this cake. You won't be disappointed. Then tell me how yours turned out!

Happy creative fun Sunday!

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