Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Water-tastic birthday gift!

One of  Z-baby's cute little buddies just had a birthday.
Which makes me so so sad because he turned two and he is only 8WEEKS older than my baby girl!
Gah! Where does time go!?

I digress, so when I asked his mamma what he needed for his birthday she said sippy cups!
Being a mamma myself, I am all about the practical gifts, but having been a kid once I feel the need for a little excitement too!
So the girls and I hit up Target.
And of course the dollar section lured me in like a siren in the sea...
Lucky for me I found the excitement I needed for little man's gift.

I bought the bucket/ shovel combo, pack of three squirt guns, large shovel, and water ball for a dollar each.
That is four bucks y'all.
Four bucks to take a practical gift and change it to a fantastic gift!

I grabbed some letters from the scrapbook section and added his name to make it a little more special.
Then I shoved in two sippy cups to  make mommy happy!

I was so pleased with the results...
and I LOVED the price tag!

Does it seem like all the children in the world were born during the summer months to you too?
I swear we have like 500 birthday parties to go to in the next month.
(Z-baby's included!)

Much love

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