Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mommy timeout

Do you ever wish timeouts for mommies existed.
Or even better-
when Zadie is having a rough time we often ask her if she wants to go to her crib and read (look at books).
She nearly always takes us up on the offer and she spends fifteen or twenty minutes in solitude looking at her books. When she is done she calls for me and I come and get her.
Generally it really helps her feel better.

Sometimes, okay all the time, I wish I could take those moments too. 
Here is what mine would look like:

Pinned Image
Swinging in this...

Pinned Image

Sipping on this...

Reading this in peace and quiet...

Today I would pay A LOT of money for a timeout!
Having a two year old is exhausting.
I swear her mood swings are worse than mine when I am PMSing ;)

I LOVE my two little munchkins to the moon and back,
but this momma is tired today.

So I am going to take the 20 minutes my girls nap at the same time to eat a handful of chocolate chips and drink a coconut water while envisioning a beach in Jamaica.
And hopefully when they wake up I  will have patience and tons of energy!
A mom can dream right?!

So what do you do to unwind? Any mommy tips you wanna share about dealing with a two year old?
Any sleep you want to send my way :) 

Much love

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