Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring KCW day 2

Today has been crazy guys. Like I can barely hold my eyes open. All I am going to say is terrible twos + a bad injury for our beloved doxie, Pippy, that required immediate surgery + normal day chores= an exhausted momma. Anywho, the day is done. The two year old is sleeping. Pippy is home safe and sound all sewed up and the family is fed and clothed. Sadly, the only person who got to sew today was the vet. Luckily I finished up a second little number yesterday.

Z-baby needed some summer pj's.

I used Seamingly Smitten's Sadie Grace Pajama pattern.

I used knit instead of woven fabric and chose to omit the keyhole front and tie closure.

She got to pick the fabric and would NOT take it off all. day. I love when that happens :)
Okay guys I need tomorrow to be a little more sane and I need to get some sewing done... Can you make that happen for me please?!

kid's clothes week

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