Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring 2014 KCW day 3 and 4

Do you ever start a project that you are super excited about, that you have been dreaming about for months, and it flops? This project was one of those occasions at first. I started to sew this bad boy up and I hated it. Not the pattern, I love the sally dress, it was the fabric combination, namely the denim. I don't know if it was the color of the denim or what, but it made the dress look a little country to me, which is not typically my style. I was halfway finished with sewing it and well, I didn't like it at all.

The top was like this big ugly sea of denim... I was stumped so I spent the rest of the day mulling it over and pulling every trim out of my stash in hopes of saving my beloved creation. Nothing was doing it for me.

So I decided to just own the country chic  and keep chugging along. I finished the dress and decided to add some buttons. I had these cute round beauties picked out when Z baby wandered into the room. She started to look through the button basket and found these heart buttons. It was love at first sight for my baby girl, and honestly who was I to say no to a little more, well more...

I threw it on her this morning to take some pictures, still not loving it. Then she kept it on and we went about our day. I walked outside at one point this morning to her standing in the garden digging in her little dress and guys, I fell in love. Sometimes I forget that this little three year old could rock a paper bag! ;)

Love this little one so much in her little prairie dress.

And let's be for real, these pockets are PERFECT for bug catching!


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  1. So cute! You did a great job and it looks adorable. Sometimes just stepping back can make all the world of difference!


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