Thursday, February 7, 2013

Project run and play :: men's shirt challenge

So, in spite of the five million things I NEED to sew I decided to participate in the PR&P challenge this week. I just couldn't resist. It has been on my sewing bucket list to refashion a men's shirt for a while. Well actually ever since I saw Dana's shirt dress tutorial on MADE.

Can you tell that Zadie baby LOVES when her fingernails are painted :) I made the shirt dress a shirt tunic, kinda on accident, and I also decided to leave off the waist band because I loved the simplicity of the look. Since this is the second outfit I made for Zadie I figured Mattie needed some love too.

I drew my inspiration from luvinthemommyhood's shirtsleeves to pants tutorial. I paired that with See Kate Sew's baby bloomers pattern and a little of my own ingenuity. I think the end result is pretty stinking cute. Mat liked them so much she pooed in them, thanks baby ;) Well even though I didn't get to check anything off my immediate to-do list the bucket list is just as important, right?!
This was a fun challenge!


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  1. The dress is adorable (and the little girl too of course, but I'm guessing you already knew that!) It's very sweet! P.S. my girls LOVE it when their nails are painted too!


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