Monday, July 16, 2012

recycled kitchen storage containers

Oooh! I totally win the award for world's worst blogger.
Sorry guys..

Anyhoo, I may have been absent on ye ole' blog but I haven't stopped creating :)
Ever since we decided to stop eating processed food I have been in dire need of containers.
I started to look on the internet, when I realized I had chalk paint.
Does chalk paint inspire you as much as it does me?
I want to paint EVERYTHING with it.
I decided to keep all the jars we emptied.
The lids got a quick coat of white paint just to make them look uniform
and the front a few coats of chalk paint.
Now I can label them based on what I need them for.

The best thing... I seem to have an unending supply of empty jars...
They may not be the cutest containers, but they are functional and they were 

I think they are perfectly imperfect.

Missed you guys,

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