Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby Blanket

Have I told you yet that I am going to be an Aunt again?!
This will be my 8th niece or nephew!
I just LOVE being an aunt!

I decided to make this newest bundle of joy a baby blanket.
I thought....
Easy peasy, who could mess that up?!

Well, ME!

And, as always, I learned a lot along the way.

I got the inspiration for this blanket here.
Notice the title "EASY baby blanket."
Obviously I have some learning to do :)

I mostly followed her directions except I added and applique.
Here is how I did it:

I printed out the letter I wanted, in the size and font I wanted, from Word.
I backed the fabric I wanted to use for the applique with fusible interfacing and I ironed them together.
I put my letter on top of the fabric and I traced it with chalk.

The chalk came right out with a quick swipe from a damp cloth.

Then I just sewed it onto the fabric using a zigzag stitch.
Lesson one:
This minky fabric is VERY stretchy!
An amazing seamstress I know gave me the best tip- after I finished this project- that I will definitely use next time.
She said to use spray adhesive instead of pins and it will not stretch as much...
She also said the adhesive will come right out in the wash.

Now for the actual blanket I could ( and should) have used the spray adhesive too
because I REALLY struggled with the stretch in this fabric and
was not entirely pleased with my finished product.

I set out each of my layers in order:
batting on bottom
then the minky fabric
finally the quilt top
(right sides together with the minky fabric.)
Cut each layer to size and then pin (spray adhesive)
the layers together.

For the rest of the blanket I used the tutorial above
which I thought was clear and easy to understand.
Thank goodness! :)

It may not be perfect (or close to it!)
But it is still cozy and made with love!
{It would REALLY help if I learned how to sew straight-
I'm working on it. ;}

So let this be motivation to you today:
You are your harshest critic.
Be nice to yourself and
enjoy the projects you make,
Imperfections and all!


  1. That baby is going to love that blanket so much. It's so soft and cuddly! Very cute.


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